Images of work we have done, and some fun stuff as well.

Sailboat ungrounding in the North Portland Harbor
Sailboat that whoopsied onto the wrong side of the channel marker in the North Portland Harbor.

Small boat on the sand
Tidal changes on Lemon Island left this small boat on the sand.

Happy girls
We take our nieces out for a boat ride.

Swamped Ranger
This boat was knocked down and swamped by wind waves during a race on the Columbia.

Anchor retrieval
Captain Ron, resident zero visibility diver, retrieves a tangled anchor after the blues festival.

Sunk Runabout
Try putting the plug in before you launch the boat and park at the marina.

Side Towing
We side tow, also called "on the hip" for precise maneuverability in close quarters.

Coming alongside
We come alongside to lend a hand to these boaters with a dead battery.

Sunk Tollyhome
Part of our job is to refloat boats that sink. This vessel sunk from sheer neglect.

Hard Aground
When the anchor line broke during a hard blow overnight, this boat drifted down on Skamania Island. Then the tide went out.

A simple tow.
A simple tow on the hip.

The Seapeace
Helping the Seapeace to a new home.

Sunset on the river
Not every day is an emergency.

When a jet ski breaks down, we take passengers while towing the disabled craft.

Prop clearing
Ron cuts a bundle of line from around a propeller at Steamboat Landing Marina.

Sunset Tow
Heading home with a boat in tow.

Sunk Sanger wakeboard boat
"That rock wasn't there yesterday". Well, actually it was, the water was just a little higher yesterday. "That rock" took out the prop, shaft and punched the skegs right up through the bottom of the boat.

Folding prop
This folding propeller worked much better after the anchor and fishing lines were removed from around it.

Ron tries to walk on water, with predictable results.

Happy campers heading back to the dock.