Fees for Service

The boat towing and marine assistance services we provide are available to everyone around the Portland area, on the Columbia and Willamette rivers. We offer a prepaid "Season Pass" to boaters looking for the best value and coverage. For non-Season Pass holders we have fee-per-service rates. As the maritime environment has limitless variables, the pricing below is to serve as a simple guideline. Prices are subject to change, please contact us for a specific estimate for your particular situation. Our "per hour" rate is charged portal to portal, which simply means the clock is running as soon as we leave the dock and stops when we return home. There is a one hour minimum charge on every job.

Fee Per Service Pricing

Service Rate
Per hour rate, sunrise to sunset $200/hour
Per hour rate, sunset to sunrise $250/hour
Inclement weather surcharge* $25/hour
Ungrounding easy off* $150
Ungrounding moderate* $10/ft
Ungrounding difficult* $15/ft
Fuel per gallon at sea Market Price*
Scheduled "Dock to Dock" towing* $150/hour
Salvage of small sunken vessel minimum $1500
Salvage of sunken vessel 18-20 feet in registered length minimum $2500
Salvage of sunken vessel >20 feet in registered length by Quote

* Fuel delivered is priced at market cost at the time, rounded up to the nearest dollar/gallon. Currently our fuel is priced at $5/gallon. We carry fuel in 5 gallon cans and the full can cost is $25. 2 Stroke engine oil is additional. Delivered fuel costs are in addition to the per hour rate.

Dock to Dock tows are scheduled, non-emergency tows, generally done in the mornings on weekdays with at least a 24 hour notice. This special discounted rate is useful to have your boat moved from its moorage to a repair yard or the boat ramp if it cannot travel under its own power.

All fee per service jobs are a one hour minimum.

Inclement weather is defined as any weather conditions that adversely affect our ability to operate and include but are not limited to high winds, strong current, heavy rain, snow, near or freezing temperatures and the like.

Ungrounding fees are in addition to the per hour rate.

Generally, if an ungrounding can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes, using one of our boats, it is considered "easy".

Ungroundings requiring more than 5 minutes, but less than 30, using only one boat, are usually considered "moderate".

Ungroundings involving boats stuck on wing-dams, pile dikes, or any structure, requiring multiple CRMA boats, use of liftbags, winches, cranes or other extraordinary measures which increase risk to our boats and personnel or require outside contracted efforts are considered "difficult" and could be judged a salvage.

The degree of difficulty of a particular ungrounding is always up to the CRMA Captains personal judgement.

Salvaging of sunken vessels >20 feet in length is generally priced at $150/linear foot length of the vessel. Salvage pricing are base estimates. Distance from our home base, deep or moving water, environmental cleanup, fully capsized, broken up hulls, wood or poorly built or maintained vessels, salvages performed at night, or in inclement weather or other factors and dangers plus the need to tow a salvaged vessel beyond a reasonable distance can inflate the base price of salvage costs significantly.