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The Season Pass is a program similar to what you may have as a member of an auto club like AAA. You pay a small fee, $99/year, up front, and receive CRMA services, subject to our terms and conditions, at no additional cost for one year. This is a terrific value and could easily save you from a large towing bill if you were to have a breakdown or mishap on the river.

The services include: Boat Towing, Fuel Drop, Battery Jump Start, and Soft Ungrounding. These services are available around Portland, OR, on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. The Season Pass does not cover salvage of vessels in immediate marine peril, such as swamped, sinking, or capsized vessels or a vessel on fire, etc. Please read the terms and conditions below.

Our Season Pass program is based on a calendar year. For example: if purchased in July, it is valid for 365 days until the same day next July. Our services are guaranteed to be available to the Season Pass holder 24 hours/day from May 1st, to the end of Labor Day weekend. During the winter months we may not be able to respond in a timely manner, this is when we take our vacations and perform service on our vessels.

The Season Pass holder and any other operator of the pass holder’s registered vessel are eligible for CRMA services. The pass holder is also covered if borrowing or chartering a boat. If the pass holder is a guest on a boat, not registered to them, then coverage must be purchased by that boat owner to be valid. The Season Pass provides services for all vessels registered to the primary owner.

The typical service area for CRMA extends on the Columbia River from Statue Mile 85 (St. Helens) to Statue Mile 130 (Rooster Rock), and on the Willamette River from SM 0 (The mouth at Kelley Point) to SM 16 (The Sellwood Bridge) and the entire length of the Multnomah Channel. Additional fees may be incurred for out-of-area service calls.

Your vessel is required to be in good working order to sign up for the Season Pass, it should be obvious, but you cannot sign up with an existing problem and expect to be covered. We will be happy to come and take care of your existing problem, but you will have to pay the fee for service prices and when your boat is back in service we would certainly sign you up at that time for your future needs.

The Season Pass does NOT provide for jump starts at your home dock or the boat ramp where you put in, nor does it provide for fuel drops at these locations.

Please fill out this web form completely to register for your Season Pass. A copy of your information will be emailed to Columbia River Marine Assistance.

After you click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form, you will have the following payment options:

1) Pay online via PayPal, (PayPal is a way to send a payment without exposing your credit card information)

2) Call us at 503-349-4401 with your credit card number (we take Visa, Mastercard and AMEX), or

3) Mail a check. (If you choose to mail a check, your Season Pass coverage will not start until we receive the check and funds clear our bank) Mail Checks to
Columbia River Marine Assistance
865 NE Tomahawk Is. Dr.
Suite 102-284
Portland, OR 97217

Once you have made your payment and we have processed your application, you will receive your Season Pass card via US Mail along with a welcome letter. Please keep your Season Pass Card with you or on your boat.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 503-349-4401.

This is where you moor your boat, the marina name and slip number. If your boat is trailered, please list your preferred or most frequently used boat ramp. Example: Tomahawk Bay Marina, slip A22.
I, the Applicant, understand that this membership is subject to the terms and conditions stated here and covers non-emergency, on water services on the Columbia River between about St. Helens and Rooster Rock and on the Willamette River from the mouth up to about the Sellwood Bridge for the summer boating season, defined as May 1, to October 1st. Service may be available outside of these limitations, but is not guaranteed. The Season Pass is valid for one calendar year. The cost of fuel dispensed for a fuel drop is not included in the Season Pass and is the responsibility of the Season Pass holder at the time of service. The CRMA membership does not cover boats that are sinking, wrecked, burning, hard aground, or otherwise in a state of peril. During the busy times of the season, the applicant understands that services will be provided as soon as possible, on a priority needs basis. Although members are generally first in line, calls may be arranged in order of priority, based on safety, the presence of children or elderly on board, the specific situation, or efficiency. I agree that CRMA will not be held responsible for any property damage or personal injury that comes about as a result of, during, or while waiting for, Season Pass services. The owner and/or captain of the covered vessel are responsible for the safety and security of their vessel and passengers at all times, regardless of the involvement of CRMA vessels or personnel. In the event of an emergency, peril or situation that threatens the covered vessel, passengers or the environment, I understand that I MUST contact the US Coast Guard via phone or marine VHF Channel 16 and request emergency assistance. CRMA reserves the right to cancel or terminate this membership for abuse, as it sees fit. Intoxicated parties may be refused service.
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