Our Services

Columbia River Marine Assistance was created to assist local boaters with unforeseen issues while on the water around Portland, Oregon and Vancouver Washington. From simple boat towing, to a difficult underwater salvage, we do it all. Whether you are a brand new boater or have a lifetime of experience, our services are a great value and the Season Pass is cheap insurance against many of the situations that can ruin your day or even put you or your family at risk.

Boat Towing

Our USCG licensed captains will stern or side tow your disabled boat with one of our 200HP powered environmentally friendly service boats. In most cases we can place your boat right back into your slip, onto your trailer, or right into the lift slings at your favorite boat yard.

Rapid Response

Centrally located on Hayden Island, our average response time is 20 min. Our typical response area is Washougal to St. Helens & South to Ross Island.

Soft Ungrounding

We can refloat or tow your vessel from a sand bar, beach or shallow water. Ungroundings vary in difficulty and cost. Inquire for additional details.

Delivery of Gasoline

We will deliver you enough gasoline to safely travel to the nearest gas pump. The cost of the actual gasoline delivered is additional.

Battery Jump Start

CRMA can supply additional 12V power to assist a vessel disabled due to a discharged battery. Our 25’ long cables work well for large vessels.

Troubleshooting and Misc

Our extensive maritime experience can often quickly identify minor mechanical issues and provide a “quick fix” to get you back under way. Sometimes we even talk you through to a solution without coming to you. Of course, there is no charge for this and you’re on your way!

Sunken Vessel Salvage

Columbia river marine assistance can refloat your sunken vessel. We have been 100% successful in raising over 80 sunken boats from 16' runabouts to larger boats including a 36 foot full keel wooden sailboat and a 40 foot power boat. We can also prevent a sinking, with timely application of crash pumps, every workboat in our fleet is equipped with a gas powered 2" high volume de-watering pump. If your boat is taking on water, we can send it back where it belongs, outside the boat.